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Simple interface • Choose locations to scan (auto-finding your iPhoto/Aperture libraries), wait a bit, select and delete duplicates, done.

Ultimate reliability • Decloner uses the SHA-1 algorithm to compare files, leaving no chance of false positives.

Peace of mind • Decloner never deletes files right away, leaving the final choice to you.

Support for all file types • No matter what kind of duplicates are on your Mac — images, music, PDFs, documents or other types of files — Decloner will find them.

iPhoto • You can choose multiple iPhoto libraries to scan for duplicate masters, along with ordinary folders. When you delete files in an iPhoto library from Decloner Trash, Decloner puts them in the iPhoto Trash.

Aperture • Decloner can scan multiple Aperture libraries for duplicate masters. When you delete images in an Aperture library from Decloner Trash, Decloner marks them with the Duplicate keyword.

Decloner Trash • A virtual staging area for deleted files allows to put files back if you change your mind.

Persistent scan results • Scanning for duplicates can take a long time, so Decloner will save the list of duplicates and reload it the next time.

Auto-selection • To save you time, Decloner can automatically and intelligently select duplicate files to delete.

QuickLook • When browsing duplicate file list, use QuickLook to preview files just as you would do it in Finder.

File information • You can select a file in the list of duplicates and see its properties, including preview, at the bottom of the window.

Reveal in Finder • Select a file in the list of duplicates and click the Reveal button to show the file in Finder.

The Mac App Store version of Decloner can only scan the currently active iPhoto or Aperture library. You can still combine both with each other and any number of ordinary folders.

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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard • Happily runs in OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

64-bit CPU • Needs a 64bit-capable Intel processor.

Memory & Disk • 2GB minimum, the more the better; about 5 MB of free disk space.