A fast and reliable duplicate files finder for your Mac
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Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

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Simple no-nonsense interface

  • Scans multiple folders at once
  • Auto-detects iPhoto/Aperture libraries
  • Display found duplicates in groups
  • Lists recently used locations
  • Provides contextual Help

Ultimate reliability

  • Uses SHA-1 to compare files
  • Quickly preprocesses suspected clones
  • Disregards file names for comparison
  • Only shows files with identical contents

Peace of mind

  • Never deletes files on its own
  • Staging area lets you put files back
  • When deleting moves files to Trash
  • Final choice is always yours
  • Ensures at least one copy remains

Support for all file types

  • Finds duplicate images, music files, PDFs, documents, archives etc.
  • Shows overall progress of the scan
  • Shows per-file progress for large files
  • Displays elapsed and remaining time


  • Scans multiple iPhoto libraries at once
  • Detects duplicate masters
  • Never deletes files from iPhoto
  • Puts deleted files in iPhoto Trash


  • Scans multiple Aperture libraries at once
  • Detects duplicate masters
  • Never deletes files from Aperture
  • Assigns deleted images Duplicate keyword

Staging area

  • Stages files you remove for deletion
  • Shows deletion progress
  • Allows to put files back
  • Lets you selectively delete staged files
  • Replaces files with aliases

Persistent scan results

  • Keeps the list of duplicates between runs
  • Keeps expanded group state between runs
  • Keeps staged files across launches
  • Saves your time when scans take long time


  • Automatically selects duplicates to delete
  • Ranks files by their scan locations
  • Shows which file to keep in each group
  • Demotes file names with copy patterns
  • Allows you to prefer old or new copies

Finder integration

  • Enables QuickLook to preview files
  • Shows selected file information and icon
  • Reveals selected file in Finder
  • Adds scan locations using drag and drop

List of duplicates

  • Provides keyboard access to commands
  • Displays duplicates in groups
  • Shows the amount of wasted disk space
  • Sorts by individual file or group size


  • Excludes file names you specify
  • Ignores small files
  • Lets you specify small file size threshold
  • Automatically updates itself

The Mac App Store version of Decloner can only scan the currently active iPhoto or Aperture library.

Main screen Counting files Fast-comparing files Comparing files Staging area


Mac OS X

  • Requires 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
  • Happily runs on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Fully supported on Mavericks and up

64-bit CPU

  • Needs a 64bit-capable Intel processor
  • Last 32-bit version is 1.2 — Download

Memory & Disk

  • 4GB RAM minimum
  • May need more for large number of files
  • About 10 MB of free disk space